Registration fee details

Early Registration (15 – 31 August 2019)
Professor/Researcher   7,900 baht
Student  6,000 baht
Participant 3,000 baht
Foreign researchers  USD 290
Foreign Participant  USD 100

Regular Registration (1 September 2019 – 20 November 2019)
Professor/Researcher   8,400 baht
Student  6,500 baht
Participant 3,000 baht
Foreign researchers  USD 350
Foreign Participant  USD 100

Remarks : USD currency stipulates on the date of making a financial legal act


The propose of I-SEEC have:

  1. Support a new researcher for a present at an international conference and select to proceeding I-SEEC.
  2. Support a researcher to Journal of TCI standard or Inter journal or ISI journal.

On behalf I-SEEC committee, we hope to enjoin to International conference science, social science, Engineering and Energy 2019. We are waiting to welcome you concentrated and hospitality.  Thank you so much for friendly and supporter for I-SEEC 2008-2019.