Published date 2019-12-18

ASA-02 Effect of replacing soy bean meal with brewers’ spent grain pellets in dairy feed on feed intake, milk production and milk quality in dairy cows 1-5
ASA-03 Design guideline for bamboo chair integrating with rubber material from local wisdom for decorating element. 1-10
ASF-01 Tilapia Diseases Management of Fish Farmers in Tilapia Cage Culture in Songkhram River 1-5
ASF-03 Effect of Climate Variability on Tilapia Cage Culture in Songkhram River 1-9
BIO-03 Species Diversity, Abundance and Distribution of Benthic Macroinvertebrates in Phung River, Sakon Nakhon Province 1-16
CE-04 Development of the application to convert images into Thai characters 1-8
CE-09 A Simulation of Quantum Key Distribution Protocol with Enhancing Ability to Against PNS Attack 1-1
CE-10 Network Monitoring System Case Study Simulation Network System Department of Electrical Engineering 1-12
CIE-03 Petrography of Clastic Rocks of Mae Tha Group, Eastern Chiang Mai Basin 1-14
CIE-05 The Cenozoic leaf fossil in fluvial deposit and paleoclimate interpretation at Doi Ton Temple, Mae Sot District, Tak Province 1-12
CIE-07 Undrained Shear Behavior of Cemented Clayey Sand-Recycled Asphalt Pavement Blends for Pavement and Railway Applications 1-10
CIE-08 Properties of Chiang Khruea Lateritic Soil and Their Applications for Civil Engineering 1-17
CIE-09 Analysis Of Load-Displacement Characteristics Of Laterally Loaded Piles In Bangkok Clay 1-19
EE-06 The study of continuous speech recognition in Thai using Mel frequency Cepstral coefficient extraction method
EE-07 Semi-Automatic Tapping Machine Control Using Microcontroller
EE-08 Development of a PET Plastic Bottle Buying Machine by Using Arduino UNO R3 Board
EE-10 Smart control method to reduce the power loss of PV systems using ANFIS model with improving efficiency of MPPT 1-12
EE-12 The Appropriate α Value Gray Scale Threshold for Inspection Tangerine by Improve Median Filter
ERE-04 Comparative Study on the Performance of Heat Pump Dryer Using R410a and R32 as Refrigerant
ERE-06 Experimental Comparison Between CAV Control and CO2 Ventilation Control Approaches with respect to energy saving of Air Conditioner 1-13
ERE-08 Design and Construction of a Household Paddy Dryer with a Microcontroller 1-8
ETE-04 Multifunction CMOS signal converter circuit in current-mode
FPT-04 A study of Package and Storage Conditions on Krabok seed Quality 1-1
IE-02 A Study of Feasibility of Magnetic Oscillate Gas Tungsten Arc Welding with Fluxed Core Filler Metal for Weldability Improvement
IE-05 Productivity Improvement through Simulation Model: A Case Study of Elastic Band Factory
IE-06 The Public Policy Analysis Affecting Adaptation of Cassava Industry through Supply Chain Risk Management Simulation Model: A Case Study
IE-07 Defect Reduction in the Packing Process through Statistical Process Control: A Case Study of Pasteurization Milk Process
LA-05 A study and design Relaxing chair for the elderly
MS-01 On Some Properties and Sums of Pell, Pell-Lucas and Modified Pell Sequences 1-9
PMS-12 Gamma radiation hazard evaluation and excess lifetime cancer risk assessment in surface soil samples in Pluak Daeng district in Rayong province, Thailand 1-10
PMS-19 Determination of electrochemical active surface area of different physicochemical surfaces 1-11
TTM-04 Effect of Thai Royal Massage on low back Pain 1-10
Social Science
BMA-01 Online Marketing Strategies that Influence the Purchasing Decisions of Generation C Consumers in Thailand 1-5
BMA-05 Problems and the Guideline for Single Set Accounting Practices Development: A Case Study of SMEs in Sakon Nakhon 1-15
BMA-11 The Worthwhileness Analysis of Big Banana Plantation in Upper South of Thailand 1-15
BMA-14 Competitive Ability of Community Enterprises in Sakon Nakhon to Compete within ASEAN Economic Community 1-16
BMA-18 Preferences for Studying Master of Accountancy (M.Acc.) at Rajamangala University of Technology Isan, Sakon Nakhon Campus 1-13
BMA-19 Key Audit Matters of the Auditor’s report: A Case Study of Key Audit Matters in the Asset Categories of Listed Companies in the Stock Exchange of Thailand SET 100 1-10
EDU-05 Communication Strategy Use of EFL Students at Rajamangala University of Technology Isan 1-23
EDU-08 The Study of Image Compression Algorithms Using the Discrete Cosine Transform
LA-03 The study of Reading Comprehension ability of 3rd year English for international Communication students, Rajamangala University of Technology Issan, Sakon Nakhon Campus 1-8
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